Emergency Tree Removal in Lincoln NE

Emergency Tree removal isn’t something planned but needed to be done, now.  Have you ever seen a down tree from the weather, perhaps a storm or high wind?  These trees can be very dangerous blocking roads, causing stress on bridges, house damage and more.  To remove these trees, it takes a special team to ensure that everything is removed quickly and safely.  Often the trees are sitting very unstable and the limbs offer balance to the downed tree.  An inexperienced tree cutter could get hurt.  These sort of removal takes special skill and calculation.  Do not think that this is something that is easily done.  Things could go from bad to worse rather quickly.
emergency tree removal in Lincoln NE

Do you have a Downed Tree?  Call Us!

Downed trees can cause all kinds of damage to property and if not taking down properly can cause more damage.  It is vital that the area is left to the professionals and others are not to be around while there are falling pieces and unstable limbs everywhere.  Add a few power lines and cables and this surely can turn into a dangerous mess quickly.  If you see a tree in the power lines do NOT touch it or go near it, these have even been known to burst into flame.  Call the Power company immediately.  Working with a tree in a live wire is not advisable even to the trained professional. 

Preventative Tree Maintenance

Keep in mind many of these Emergency Tree Removal Services in Lincoln NE could be prevented with proper tree trimming and maintenance which is our other services offered.  As trees age, the limbs die off, get brittle they begin to rot and really should be taken down before they become an emergency.  However, life gets busy, we understand and things happen.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to get that tree out of your living room in no time.  Also, do not forget to call your homeowners.  This is something that will most likely be a claim and many times the adjusters need to see the tree as it is.  This is different for every insurance, so it’s best to ask.  Remember, this is an emergency and with that, sometimes small things are forgotten.  But, these small things like calling the insurance agent is actually a really important step.

Call today!  We can be right out to help.

Emergency Tree removal doesn’t have to ruin your month, give us a call and we’ll get that tree taken care of in no time.  With special skills and techniques unique to our industry.  This is what we do, day in and day out, so it’s not that complicated for us.   Think of it like this, if your roof leaves, you call the roofer, if your furnace breaks you call HVAC, etc, so why would you think to take on an unstable tree situation and put yourself in harm’s way?  Leave what is best done by experts to the experts.   Often times we see homeowners “try" and end up injured or more property damage occurs.  Why be that guy?  When you have experts right here that you can call and go do what it is you do best.